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    by Nokin August 12, 2017

    The primary reason for art of any kind is the gift that we call light. Light exists for creation. Art is human creation therefore light is its foundation.

    Photography is the science of capturing animate and inanimate objects. The thought behind the science is the art of photography. The two disciplines are intrinsically joined within the mind of the person behind the camera. This has been my study and my love for 51 years.

    This then, Glen Ellen Photography, is my internet presence. What I place on this website are images I have made since 1967. You will see images of every quality and description here for this is my legacy. My photography now is for my own delight and honing of the craft.

    Please be patient while I build this website. I am just getting started. It will be a labor of learning and patience on my part to get this website the best I can create. Thank you for stopping by. Images will be for sale as downloads and, soon, prints.

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